Auric Chronicles Book 1

Future Books

These are the current titles of the rest of the series. We’ll see if they stick.

  • Shadow of Their Twisted Fate
  • Shadow of His Father’s Burden
  • Shadow of the Inta’s Price
  • Possible prequels and sequels

Writing progress of the rest of the series:

Review of Book 2 Final (or at least close to final) Draft
Writing Book 3 Midway Draft
Writing Book 4 First Draft

Release Dates & News

Shadow of an Unknown Past Release Date: May 28, 2022

  • New Sneak-Peak of Chapter 1 and Launch of the Official Facebook Page

    I decided to create a sneak-peak of the first chapter of Shadow of an Unknown Past. For now, it’s hosted on a website called NovelGens. I’m trying it out. I use another one of their products,, to keep track of all of my wordbuilding. I thought of hosting the preview here on my own site, but the owner of the two sites is an indie programmer, and I love supporting others trying to make and share their products with the world, so it’s there for now. Anywho, you can see the preview here!

    On another note, I just launched the official Facebook page for JaedBooks, where I’ll share art, writing updates, and who knows what else! You can follow us here.


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