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When a freak illness and the appearance of ravenous, nearly indestructible monsters threatens to destroy the world of Parsium, their princess, Reneya, turns to less than conventional sources and less than reputable people in order to save her planet. Teaming up with a pirate, an old enemy, a disenchanted scientist, and a couple soldiers, she begins a search through the galaxy for answers. Little do they know, this ragtag group is actually going to end up saving much more than just little Parsium, and they might end up saving themselves from their own demons as well…

So this one will probably be the next in line to be published. I’ve been a long time sci fi fan, so it was only a matter of time before I dabbled in the genre. But blame my love of Star Wars for this being a semi-fantasy crossover.


This one will probably only be one or two books.

Release Date and News

  • New Development

    I just thought it would be interesting to note the unique developments this series has taken, and…the huge delay it’ll put on when I finish it, haha. A power system like this needs a lot of work to learn how to write and describe it effectively.

    Still though, I’m pretty excited for this change. It’s a more unique idea than I think most of my stories have. The powers are planet based, so anyone can access any ability, but only on a certain planet. They’re known as the ‘pulses,’ like the heartbeat of the world the person is on. There are a couple universal abilities, but they’re hard to tap into. It’ll be fun to explore the idea that each character won’t always have access to their prefered ability and whatnot.

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