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Shadow of an Unknown Past – E-book


Mariea Rolondo is very aware one’s past can make or break their future. But in a hidden world of magic, things are never so straightforward. When dark whispers of events long forgotten begin to haunt Mariea, she’s left to figure out their origin and meaning or face their consequences for her people.

Meanwhile, Mefune unexpectedly finds himself the leader of a vast organization tasked with protecting the unaware from magical creatures. With secrets of his own to keep and enemies around every turn, he wonders if he’ll have what it takes to keep everything afloat.

And when the threat they both face becomes much bigger than ever imagined, will they manage to escape the shadow of the past or be doomed to repeat it?

This is book one of the Auric Chronicles series.

The ebook is made available through Amazon. If you’re looking for a physical copy, you can purchase it here. Physical copies more directly support the author!


478 pages

Age/Content Rating

While the Auric Chronicles series is clean, the characters and writing style is tailored more to an adult audience. There is no harsh language or explicit scenes, but there is violence and exploration of deeper themes/concepts.


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