Clarissa Morrison is a troubled soul trying to drown her past in her work. And there’s plenty of it. Ardea, her home country, is riddled with problems, and as a member of the elite and secretive Covert Alchemists, it’s her job to take care of them before anyone else gets hurt. But she may not be as lucky as she hopes because some problems are a bit bigger than one woman can handle.

​FMAGALOX is the ugliest placeholder name in the history of placeholder names, but it’s too glorious to change at this point. It was an acronym, but none of us really know what it stands for anymore.

I am co-authoring this series with my friends Allison Knight and Chelsea Lewis. You’ll find it sold under the pen name Ellen Neworth (Fun fact, it’s a combo of our names. Ellen is Allison’s middle name, New comes from Chelsea’s maiden name, and Worth is the last half of my last name. We’re so creative.) Because of this, it’s slow going. Let me tell ya, I thought writing with only my scatterbrained thoughts and writing habits was bad enough. Let’s add in two more people.

​Anywho, this series will be three books – or at least, that’s how it’s planned. I’m super excited for this one. You can find out more about it here, on the books independent website, as well as read previews and see art we’ve created for it. It’ll most likely be sold as a comic or graphic novel of sorts as well as a book. 


So far, there will be three books, and none of them are named yet. Check back soon!

Release Date and News

Until this series gets a little more traction, I probably won’t post about it much. Here’s where you will find news when we get around to it, though.


    To have reviews, you need content to read. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened yet. However, I’m convinced it’s the best series ever and you should read it. I’m not biased, no, not at all.


    Because there’s so much art involved in this series, I thought I’d add some of it here, eventually. This is where it’ll be when I get around to uploading it.

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