Five Magics Idea

This idea revolves around a world continuously thrown into chaos because someone had the bright idea to tamper with the world’s magic system to gain powers for himself. It’s been going on for thousands of years now, but nobody has been able to figure out why or how to stop it. However, with each passing magically-induced disaster, things are getting worse and worse. If someone doesn’t stop it soon, there’s a good chance the world will rip itself apart.

This one dabbles in a bit of dystopia and traditional fantasy creatures with a unique twist. I call it five magics because there are roughly five categories of magic. Though, I’ll be honest, I sometimes forget and refer to it as four, and I’ve debated adding a sixth. So who knows how long the placeholder will stick.

This idea was actually born by merging a handful of other fledgling ideas. My writing style is a bit chaotic. Sometimes I have the impression of a world, a character, or a situation that I just have to write before it slips away. They float around in my notebooks, or Scrivener, until I’m struck with another such impression. Eventually, these impressions meander into coherent thoughts. At some point, I realized some of these more mature impressions felt like they belonged in a similar world, and then the plot for this story struck me. It’s a bit more nuanced than the synopsis above would hint at, so it’s going to be more slow going. I also blame that on the nature of its creation. But I’m enjoying it so far. It will most likely be three or four books.

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