Elements Idea

About the Series

This idea revolves around a currently unnamed world in which people have affinities to certain elements. It’s the first world I created with its own unique calendar system. It still has twelve months, but their lengths are all the same, and they have different names, based more heavily on the seasons. One day I’ll add the calendar here.

The basic idea behind the book is that the world was created by Spirits that embody these elements—Sky, Earth, Energy, and Ocean. However, their powers were rigid, unable to create variety, so a fifth Spirit was reluctantly allowed to be involved: Chaos. Over time, his penchant for violence grew out of hand, and they were forced to bind him away from the world, but he only grew more angry because of this, and is seeking ways to free himself and destroy the world. He’s at it again during the story, and we follow a group of people working to protect the other Spirits and keep Chaos in his place.


Right now, there’s only one book, but as I’m writing, I’m finding I’m far more long-winded in this one than previous ideas, haha. That may require me to split it into two. There’s no names right now…because I’m absolutely the worst at naming things.

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