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Hey everyone! Here is a little bit about me: I live in Ogden, Utah. When not writing, I love to play the piano, read, create simple computer programs, or tinker with this site.

I have a passion for writing good stories that, while clean, don’t shy away from difficult subjects. Reading stories that follow the typical ‘hero’s journey’ tend to be a great way to see our own problems in a different light and gain the courage to face them. My desire is to add a little light and hope into the world with the stories I share.

I started JaedBooks as a way to get my works out there, but maybe one day, I’ll expand it to work with other authors.

If you have any questions about me or my works, feel free to shoot me a message in the ‘ask the author’ section below! I love chatting with my readers.

Jessica Duckworth

Other Projects

Right now, the website highlights my published books, but here’s a glimpse at some of the others I’m working on:

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  • Reflections
    Reflections Recently, I was reorganizing my desk and I stumbled upon the original copy of Shadow of an Unknown Past. It’s written in a beat-up spiral-bound notebook that I carried around with me obsessively. I flip through the pages and see all of my notes; I would cross out lines, add text in the margins …

    Reflections

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Ask away! Longer answers may be featured in a blog post.

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